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Welcome to German Shepherd out of Vom Derby Holland Land Kennel.

 Thank you for your interest in one of the greatest breed of all times; German  Shepherd.  Please browse our web site and contact us if you have any questions.


 World-class West German Shepherd show bloodlines puppies are available to satisfy the most discriminated taste of the German Shepherd dog’s enthusiast and families with children.

Puppies born July 15th,
2018 and will be available
September 10th



Ninale vom Godinghofer Weg
Ava vom Derby Holland Land

Awarded to quality pet websites.

Vom Derby Holland Land Kennel


Ninale vom Godinghofer Weg &
Ava vom Derby Holland Land

Our mission:

To constantly strive to improve and update our knowledge in the world of dog science…

To share knowledge and make it available to the general public in the simplest and most affordable manner…

To be actively involved in the development and improvement of working, conformation and biological qualities of the breed…

To view breeding as a collaborative effort of international breeders, judges and clubs…

To develop a network of cooperation with judges and breeders all over the world…

To be supportive of all the major organizations and institutions of the breed (USA Schutzhund Club, AKC)…

To exemplify a combination of moral and business characteristics in the manner of true sportsmanship…

To be resourceful of quality German Shepherd dogs for the U.S. Army and law enforcements...

Ninale vom Godinghofer Weg during her
tracking exercise.

view of
vom Derby Holland Land kennel

House of vom Derby Holland Land in
Historical Townsend, MA